Friday, March 6, 2015

Back to Burrowye (shooting in the burnt bushland)

Through my connection with Burrowye Station, (the place my Great Grandfather owned in the late 1800's) I learnt of a burnt landscape near Burrowye which had been a lighting strike fire at a place called the Kurrojongs. The Kurrajongs are large indigenous trees that grow there and have a special significance.
I had been wanting to do a film shoot of Isabella in costume in a burnt landscape so this was the perfect opportunity.
I did two shoots, both early in the morning. The first one was really just scoping the place and trying to work out what I wanted. The second one began at 5am before first light. If your not an artist you could be forgiven for thinking me a bit crazy as I was out in the middle of nowhere trying to dress myself in a full length Victorian costume on the side of the road, predawn. As the sun came up I set up the camera and placed pieces of furniture in the burnt bush ready to film.
As the light increased in a opalescent sky I started to place furniture in the burnt landscape.
Trying to get myself and the furniture in focus was trying. Positioning myself in the frame was also a challenge. I am thinking of doing a video piece that is of the shots of me trying to get it right. The difficulty of putting yourself in the frame on your own. A kind of metaphor for what we all have to confront.
I have decided I need a team. Of course I don't have the money to employ the people I need so I am putting a call out to interested parties who would be willing to assist on the next shoot. Let me know if your keen. I would be willing to do an Art in kind for time offer.