Friday, November 7, 2014

Self Healing

Its so strange how she seems to be looking up at the camera. Its as though I am really putting the pins in my face.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


I have been reading a very interesting article called Unsettling settler colonialism: The discourse and politics of settlers, and solidarity with Indigenous nations. 
It is written by three academics from Canada - Corey Snelgrove, Rita Kaur Dhamoon and Jeff Corntassel. While I am still digesting the full article I have been struck by Corey Snelgrove's section of the piece. At the beginning they all self locate where they sit in relation to colonisation. Jeff Corntassel is a Tsalagi (Cherokee) man and Rita Kaur Dhamoon ancestry is from India and brings her experience of British colonial rule, now transported as a second stage coloniser but Corey is predominantly English, Scottish and German ancestry. He writes about how as a white, class privileged, heterosexual the social world is crafted in his image but this 'worldly reflection' is not the world he wants to live in. He relates feelings of 'shame, frustration, alienation and anger towards myself, other settlers, as well as the structures of settler colonialism'.
It was amazing to me to find these words written on a page as it absolutely describes my experience.

I am currently working with sore fingers to embroider the stains on a beautiful little bedroom chair.
See work in progress -
Stained - work in progress