Friday, October 17, 2014

The Colonial Post

This work has come from the photo shoot I did a few weeks ago and is evolving.
I am interested in the idea of the Colonial Post to which we are still tied. Does the blank space in these images provide room for the viewer to insert themselves in the scene and look around. I noticed when I was working on these pictures that every time I covered up the key part of the image the effect improved. I heard Richard Flanagan interviewed at the Ubud Writers Festival (congratulations to him for winning the Man Booker) and he spoke of his belief that as soon as a work tells the audience what to think it is ruined. I liked what he said and have to work to keep my arrogance in check in order to follow his lead.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The RUIN of the coloniser

Another shoot in this place that seems to speak to me of so many things. I somehow feel at home amidst all the wombat and swallow shit, rats nests and rotting detritus. Cant explain why but I love the remains of lives that have ben left to decay rather than sentimentally retrieved and sold expensively in Fitzroy antique shops.

I placed selected pieces of my colonial collection amongst the chaos, a tea pot owned by my great grandmother and a ship made in 1864, and when we were taking them out my colleagues said it was hard to tell what was mine and what belonged to the space.

I participated in an amazing masterclass conducted by Patrice Naimbana last week. I was able to place in context some aspects of my relationship with Les that I have never been able to talk about. The Gospel of Othello was the name of the masterclass and with the powerful but gentle encouragement of Patrice we all explored the complexities of race and colonisation in the Shakespeare play. I found resonances I didn't expect. Next post I will explore this. Have to go to work!